With the audit of predictive maintenance systems services to DMC helps you to optimize the economic return on their investment in condition monitoring service of the equipment and facilities.

1 – The process

This process is complex and is a work in which experts from DMC can make an important contribution to their optimization.

2 – Symptoms and malfunctions

In the table below are listed symptoms typical breakdowns in the process equipment.



compressorsAir CompressorsfanspumpsturbinesElectric motorenginesLubrication Systems
Change efficiencyX  XX   
no release   X   X
underflowXXXXX  X
abnormal pressureXXXX   X
abnormal power consumptionXXXX    
excessive leaksXX XX XX
excessive noiseXXXXXXX 
On – heatingXX XXXX 
abnormal noisesX  X    
Excessive discharge temperatureXX  X   
unbootableXXXXXX X
Do not stop    XX  
Lack of energy    XX  
Excessive consumption of steam / fuel    XX  
Failure of automatic control and security mechanismsXXXXXXXX
freezeX  X    
abnormal or variable speed    XX  
excessive vibrationsXXXXXXX 

3 – Condition Control

The purpose of condition monitoring inspection is to follow the way of equipment to detect the symptoms of faults.

  • The basis of a condition monitoring system is made up of the inspection actions that regularly takes place in the machinery and equipment.
  • these actions, that they are at stake not only the inspector's directions, but also a number of specific techniques, It aims to determine the evolution of the equipment operating conditions.
  • Each has advantages and defects, beyond its own limitations.
  • Its application implies, therefore, a knowledge of all the factors at play, It is common to apply more than one technique on each machine, either as a parameter to follow a trend, want to check the condition.
  • When selecting a control technique for a critical machine, It is important to note that the machines malfunctioned because one or more critical components fail.
  • Therefore, the most sensitive methods of inspection machine, running through fault detection in individual symptoms components, seen the greatest deviation from normal conditions to be focused on these symptoms making it easier to detect abnormalities.
  • The selection of a control method therefore depends on the type of components susceptible to damage and how this occurs.
  • One can then consider the possible hypotheses to control the degradation of these components and may even be possible to find a technique that can only detect any failures likely type of a machine with reasonable efficacy.
  • On the other hand, the specific situation of maintaining each plant will impose some constraints on the choice of inspection techniques to implement.

All together, This process is fairly complex and is a work in which the contribution of knowledge of the DMC experts, They can make an important contribution to its optimization.