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predictive maintenance in the food industry

Although the food industry has many similarities to other industrial areas, there is a fundamental difference:

  • Many of the raw materials used are naturally prone to deterioration;
  • Food security has increasing importance.

This means that serious production problems, such as those created by machine failures, can cause more than a simple delay. In some cases, this may mean having to order a whole new batch of raw materials or negative impact on food security.

Many food processing companies, well aware of the need to prevent unplanned shutdowns of the machines, They have introduced preventive and predictive maintenance systems. These are designed to detect and resolve machine problems before they begin to have negative consequences.

The most attentive manufacturers know that a predictive maintenance program increases efficiency and reduces the risks for food security, reducing the likelihood of an unplanned stop. Even if these proactive programs are only applied to some individual machines, and not the entire plant, You can still have a positive effect on business.

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protection solutions and high quality predictive maintenance

Many companies of food and beverages already use predictive maintenance techniques, as vibration monitoring, using a variety of sensors (or accelerometers) to monitor and predict the "health" of rotating machinery to increase efficiency. To detect the first signs of failure in machine components, helps ensure that maintenance is performed at exactly the right moment – and well before the light component failure of a costly machine stop.

Vibrations for rotating machines

Thermography for electrical systems

Detection of air leaks

Typical applications include process monitoring and maintenance

  • electrical systems
  • fans
  • hoods

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