Mechanical inspection service

The mechanical inspection service, puts within the reach of maintenance managers the ability to perform precision mechanics work, on your machines;

  • Visual and dimensional inspection
  • Roller parallelism
  • Leveling and parallelism
  • Coupling alignment, shaft and bearing lines
  • combustion engines, compressors; steam and hydraulic turbines, assemblies in general
  • Specialized training in alignments and mechanical metrology

Mechanical inspection - its importance

  • The pressure to reduce machine costs imposes on its manufacturers a project with increasingly small clearances and tolerances. This implies that the qualification of the technicians who carry out its assembly and maintenance is increasingly higher..
  • If the qualification of the mechanics technicians is not adequate to the rigor required in the work, the reliability and availability of the machines, guaranteed in the project, is called into question.
  • With mechanical inspection services, a DMC, puts at your disposal the technicians and equipment that allow you to make, even the most demanding precision mechanics jobs.

Mechanical inspection - what it is

Mechanical inspection consists of verifying that the equipment is in its ideal condition, according to the manufacturer's recommendations or even pre-established by the company itself.

This inspection is implemented based on visual control and means of dimensional control to check: 

  • Quotas
  • Days off
  • Parallelism
  • Levels
  • Concentricities
  • State of surfaces
  • etc.

It is part of the inspection process, the registration of the anomalies identified and, consequently, actions to eliminate them, always in the search for measures to avoid recurrence.

Interior of the Nacelle housing of a Wind Turbine