The remote maintenance service, available, by DMC, It allows:

  • Using the most modern information technology;
  • provide remotely;
  • The skills of the technicians;
  • As if they were on its premises to see the machines;
  • No costs and delays caused by traveling;
  • Enabling qualitative interventions, of very short duration;
  • Punctually or under contract.

The remote maintenance services, available from DMC, They can take two forms::

With portable equipment, its technical gather information, discharging it into the computer and analyzed remotely, the remote maintenance service specialists DMC;

With a permanent system installed on the machine, the information it receives, They are analyzed remotely, the remote maintenance service specialists DMC.

Why use the services of DMC Telemaintenance?


We offer you a team of professionals with decades of experience


We offer you the technology and latest knowledge


The DMC provides global services and monitoring equipment solutions


Satisfaction guaranteed proven by their customers. In DMC cultivates a passion for customer satisfaction.

A DMC, with their Telemaintenance services, It provides the ability to improve the functioning of the machines, on their premises, putting at your fingertips:

We create lasting relationships of trust