Stops cost money

Every minute that a pulp mill and paper is stopped represents a loss of revenue. Maintenance engineers and reliability depend on vibration monitoring to identify mechanical problems early, keep the machines in operation and operational facilities.

Com a DMC, You get everything you need to help protect machines, monitor and optimize performance and minimize costs. We can help keep the service running smoothly, without unscheduled interruptions and making the most of the machines.

exterior view of a paper processing factory

Remove the surprise of the equation

The volatile global economic conditions and increasingly tight regulations are becoming increasingly difficult, for pulp and paper producers protect its operating margins. The situation is made more difficult by rising energy costs and raw materials, as well as the challenges to meet in relation to health legislation, security and environment.

As a result, the plants are looking for ways to reduce operating costs, one of which is to minimize maintenance activities, optimizing the availability and factory production time. The key to this process are techniques such as predictive and preventive maintenance, using the monitoring vibrations as a key indicator of the integrity of the machines.

At DMC provide a full range of services and products to help your business meet the challenges of monitoring and maintaining a wide range of production machines, including all manufacturing systems.

Typical solutions Vibration Monitoring Factory fittings include pulp and paper machines throughout the manufacturing process:

  • pumps
  • fans
  • Dryer
  • Oven
  • Destroçadores
  • Digestores
  • cylinders
  • Etc.

Taking into account the harsh environment of paper mills, DMC provides all the hardware and software equipment needed for an efficient solution of machine operating condition monitoring, from the measurement point to the evaluation of measurement data. Products and measurement techniques are developed specifically for the pulp and paper industry needs.