The DMC service inspection of air leaks in compressed air networks are designed to allow users to more economic use of such facilities.

The economic operation of a compressed air network requires, mandatorily, the implementation of a program of regular inspections for detecting air leaks, in order to reduce energy costs related to the operation of the network.

Establishment of an air leakage prevention program

A good compressed air leakage prevention program will include the following components:

  • identification (including labeling),
  • follow,
  • Repair,
  • verification
  • involvement of all
Air line, compressors for pneumatic instrument

All facilities with compressed air systems must establish an aggressive program to reduce air leakage.

  • a cross team should be formed involving representatives of production.
  • A compressed air leakage prevention program should be part of an overall program to improve the performance of compressed air systems.
  • Since air leaks are found and repaired, the system should be re-evaluated.
  • A good leak repair program compressed air system is very important to maintain efficiency, reliability, stability and cost-effectiveness of any compressed air system.

Advantages of using this service our:

  • Reduced capacity of air compressor;
  • Optimization of compressed air distribution network;
  • Reducing energy costs;
  • Possibility of improving the specification and design of future installations