A DMC, with its shaft alignment service, it makes available to maintenance managers the ability to align the shafts of their machines with precision technology to align the shafts.

  • With guaranteed results
  • Without having to carry out a complicated, expensive and time consuming training of staff;
  • Without investment in precision alignment equipment;
Interior of the Nacelle housing of a Wind Turbine

Misalignment shafts

The shaft misalignment is a mechanical defect which is defined as:

  • The lack of spatial coincidence of the geometric rotation shafts of two drive shafts coupled.
  • The concept of misalignment is also definable for other types of transmission (pulleys, cardan, etc.) as the lack of complanariedade of geometric shafts.
  • Finally, the same concept is applicable to characterize the relative position of a shaft relative to its supporting elements (bearings or bearings).

According to studies published in the Journal TAPPI in December 1990, the inclusion of a compliance program precision shafts within the maintenance plan may involve:

  • An increase in bearing life up 8 times
  • Absolute reduction in maintenance costs of up to 7%
  • An increase in the availability of up to machines 12%
  • A reduction in downtime due to misalignment of up to 50%
  • Savings of 5% energy consumption