The vibration analysis service provided by the DMC identifies the cause of an abnormal vibration behavior in a machine.

The intervention of vibration analysis can take place in different circumstances:

  • Trend Monitoring
  • Checking the condition
  • fault diagnosis and problems

The DMC is a certification body vibration analysts accredited by VIBRATION INSTITUTE

control condition

Table 1- Comparison of Condition Control methods of the Troubleshooting and Problem

 Trend MonitoringChecking the conditionfault diagnosis and problems
Height measuresReadings taken at regular intervals with the machine in serviceReadings once with the machine in serviceWhen the problem occurs, or after the occurrence of the fault
Qualitative measuresQualified operators who are near the machine may make a subjective trendTypical activity when a technician checks a service machineWhen a machine for inspection of components may indicate the cause of the problem
Quantitative measuresRegistration and interpretation of the results of regular measurements gives a warning period compared to machine problemsThe numerical values ​​allow comparison with standards or other similar machines knowing the condition of the equipmentInspection results can be analyzed in considerable detail by providing information on the possible causes of the problem
  • Based on the measured values, prepares a tendency for determining when the degradation of a machine exceeds a critical state.
  • The principles involved are illustrated in the following figure, showing the means by which the monitoring of the trend may give a warning time before the decay reaches a level at which the machine has to be put out of service.
  • The warning time before failure occurs, It is one of the main advantages of using trend-following rather than alarms or security systems to stop the machine automatically.
  • Vibration analysis, to make a diagnosis, It takes place when it identifies abnormal behavior.