The analysis service of electric motors, by comparison with model technique (MCM), identifies the symptoms of electrical and mechanical failure modes in the motor and driven machine.

mechanical faults no and motor driven equipment

electrical malfunctions

· Imbalance;

· Misalignment

· Bearing problems

· Transmission problems

· Insulation break

· Loose stator windings

· Rotor groove problems

· Current or voltage imbalance

· Harmonic distortion in the network

· Problems with feeding

This system measures the current and attention in the three phases while the engine is in operation and automatically creates a mathematical model of the relationship between current and voltage. By applying this model to the measured voltage, a patterned current is calculated and compared with the current actual measurement. The differences between the current measured and modeled current account imperfections in the system and motor driven equipment, which can be analyzed by Fourier analysis to give a spectral power density spectrum and an algorithm to evaluate the resulting spectrum to identify specific fault or failure modes.

mcm analysis of electric motors

Fields of application of analytical services of electric motors:

electric motors and generators

This technique allows detecting electrical and mechanical failure modes in machines, namely:

  • High engines, medium and low voltage;
  • Motors with frequency inverters;
  • generators

This technique uses the electric motor as a sensor and as measurements are made in the engine power above, It allows you to monitor machines very difficult to access such as for example:

  • submersible pumps;
  • Machines perigososa environments