Calibration vibration measuring chains

With this service, DMC offers to industrial units, calibration of vibration measurement chains, installed permanently, that protect and guard their critical machines.

Nowadays all managers of technical systems have in mind the importance of metrology of the measuring equipment on the reliability of its facilities. However vibration measuring chains are often forgotten and are not to be verified for many years.

  • The DMC has the electronic equipment required for calibration of accelerometers and proximitors.
  • Similarly, We can calibrate and verify sensors, measuring chains and data acquisition equipment situ.
  • We calibrate and verify, in situ, the monitoring systems supplied by us or by third parties.
  • Our equipment can generate signals in voltage or charge for the verification of measuring chains of amplifiers or near the data acquisition racks.
  • In portable equipment excitement accelerometers, speedometers (weighing up 800 grams) and relative displacement sensors are calibrated (we have different materials such as test pieces for the calibration of relative displacement sensors).
  • In the case of piezoelectric sensors to check the status of the sensor, we have equipment to measure insulation and capacity and, based on our experience, we can establish minimum acceptance criteria for this type of scan.
  • We have developed suitable calibration procedures the service to be executed.

Why resort to calibration service DMC vibration measuring chains?


We offer you a team of professionals with decades of experience


We offer you the technology and latest knowledge


The DMC provides global services and monitoring equipment solutions


Satisfaction guaranteed proven by their customers. In DMC cultivates a passion for customer satisfaction.

A DMC, Calibration with their service vibration measuring chains, It provides the ability to improve the functioning of the machines, on their premises, putting at your fingertips:

  • Increased availability of resulting in higher production equipment from the capital invested
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Greater efficiency in the conduct of facilities, allowing adjust the volume of production to the conditions of facilities
  • Achieve a stable level of quality
  • Greater capacity for dialogue with manufacturers of machinery and equipment or repairing, based on knowledge obtained from the control condition
  • Better relationships with customers due to the reduction of unplanned production stoppages
  • Possibility of improving the specification and design of future installations
  • Increased machines of operators safety

We create lasting relationships of trust