The verification service of the operating condition of a machine or installation, made by DMC, It helps identify whether a machine or group of machines is functioning properly.

Verification of operating condition, performed by the services of DMC, It can occur in different circumstances:

  1. Before or after a stoppage for maintenance;
  2. At the start of a new machine;
  3. If there is suspicion of abnormal behavior.

Condition Control with Troubleshooting and Problem

Table 1- Condition Control Method Comparison with the Malfunctions and Troubleshooting

 Trend MonitoringChecking the conditionfault diagnosis and problems
Height measuresReadings taken at regular intervals with the machine in serviceReadings once with the machine in serviceWhen the problem occurs, or after the occurrence of the fault
Qualitative measuresQualified operators who are near the machine may make a subjective trendTypical activity when a technician checks a service machineWhen a machine for inspection of components may indicate the cause of the problem
Quantitative measuresRegistration and interpretation of the results of regular measurements gives a warning period compared to machine problemsThe numerical values ​​allow comparison with standards or other similar machines knowing the condition of the equipmentInspection results can be analyzed in considerable detail by providing information on the possible causes of the problem

Condition Control

  • Check the condition takes place by measuring a parameter, at a certain time, thereby inferring the state machine.
  • To be effective, the measurement must be accurate, measured values ​​must also be known limits not to be exceeded for more than a certain number of operating hours.
  • The limits, to be established, require a wide previous experience with the particular type of machine in question.
  • A check of the condition is, therefore, less flexible than the trend-following, especially with regard to the warning time before failure.

The figure shows the results of a study carried out in Great Britain, in 1978 on which industrial sectors that suit the application of predictive maintenance.