With its powerful analyzer 20 canais da Meggitt -Vibrometer, DMC provides the test service for starting and stopping turbomachinery.

What is specific to turbomachinery in terms of vibrations?

  • Although the vibrations measured with the turbomachinery in steady state, provide a lot of information relevant to the knowledge of their operating condition, it is in a transitory regime that it is possible to obtain more complete information, particularly during starts and stops.
  • Collecting vibration information, in transitory regime, is thus justified by the optimization of decision-making on these assets and the return on this investment.

The DMC is a certification body vibration analysts accredited by VIBRATION INSTITUTE

Starting and stopping of turbomachinery 1

The need for a multichannel vibration analyzer for testing turbomachinery

Due to the size of these machines and their design with oil film bearings, are normally permanently instrumented with displacement sensors and vibration monitors. This is to protect them from damage caused by excessive vibrations.. This kind of sensors, allows the implementation of specific vibration monitoring techniques, that require all measurements to be carried out in parallel, simultaneously. That is, for this information to be made available, measurements cannot be carried out in sequence with a vibration data collector/analyzer.

For example, for a turbine-alternator group, with four bearings it is common to have eight displacement sensors (two per bearing) and a permanently mounted tachometer. In order to carry out the measurements in this group of sensors, it is necessary to have a multichannel analyzer with 9 input channels.

How turbomachinery is special in economic terms?

  • Turbomachines are the most powerful rotating machines found in the industry.. The largest ones work in power generation plants, but there are many others functioning as triggers, especially in the petrochemical industry.
  • These machines have very high downtime and maintenance costs compared to most other rotating machines..
  • Thus, they justify a greater investment in condition control techniques that contribute to their availability and reliability..
Starting and stopping of turbomachinery 2