Sensors and condition monitoring for the cement industry

Proven solutions even in the most extreme environments

In the cement industry, control vibration helps you to get the quality product you need. The solutions provided by DMC may allow to improve the level of control, with a full range of systems and sensors that provide:

  • High reliability
  • great precision, in a wide range of conditions
  • long-term reliability
  • High mean time between failures
  • Monitoring reliable in adverse conditions

Vibration Monitoring systems are typically installed in:

Drive System:

  • ovens;
  • mills;
  • fans
  • dynamic separators

Facilities in remote locations

We know that is not always possible to install a locally monitor. That's why we developed the unique devices GSI, QSI and IPC to ensure the transport of small dynamic signals over long distances: up to several kilometers with various bandwidths. This means you can monitor conveyor belts and systems from a centralized control room without compromising signal quality.

latest systems continue to offer exceptional features and flexibility, as well as high resolution amplitude, frequency and time, for a wide range of applications.

Exterior view of a cement factory

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A DMC, with their services for the cement industry, It provides the ability to improve the functioning of the machines, on their premises, putting at your fingertips:

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