Oil and Gas

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Either "upstream", “midstream” ou “downstream”, We can help you maximize the efficiency and reliability of its machines and installations.

With financial pressures, existing today in day, in the competitive oil and gas market, we understand the need to maximize cost-effective, and the availability of the machines, ensuring the total safety of the machines, staff and environment.

Vibration Monitoring systems already available for us protect and monitor many rotating machines in the oil and gas facilities worldwide. These systems can help achieve superior performance of equipment.

Availability. Protection. reliability.

Whether for production at sea or on land, transport, to the processing facilities or refineries, the comprehensive monitoring solutions for oil and gas facilities include all high-quality sensors, electronic components, software and hardware you need.

Trust Systems Meggitt Vibro-Meter®, supplied by us, for:

  • reliable protection of machines in accordance with the latest edition of API standard 670
  • Advanced monitoring to improve the availability and reliability of the equipment and optimize maintenance costs
  • advanced and innovative technology to work for you
  • Cost savings – through reliable data and more effective monitoring, to help you avoid unnecessary maintenance, Failures / very expensive equipment stops
  • The guarantee of quality parts – You can rely on long-lasting products to keep working year after year.
  • machinery condition monitoring more accurate – high-quality sensors and monitoring systems provide quality data so that you can understand with confidence and precision the true state machine – and take the right actions
  • Increased security – helping to prevent machine failures that could affect the entire production

Typical applications include oil and gas monitoring:

drive machines:

  • gas turbine for heavy duty
  • Industrial gas turbine
  • Gas turbine (aeroderivada, turbine)
  • Steam turbines
  • engines

driven machines:

  • compressors (thrust, alternative, centrifugal ...)
  • engines
  • pumps
  • fans
  • Gearboxes
Oil drilling rig construction site

Why resort to DMC services to the oil and gas sector ?


We offer you a team of professionals with decades of experience


We offer you the technology and latest knowledge


The DMC provides global services and monitoring equipment solutions


Satisfaction guaranteed proven by their customers. In DMC cultivates a passion for customer satisfaction.

A DMC, with their services to the oil and gas sector, It provides the ability to improve the functioning of the machines, on their premises, putting at your fingertips:

  • Increased availability of resulting in higher production equipment from the capital invested
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Greater efficiency in the conduct of facilities, allowing adjust the volume of production to the conditions of facilities
  • Achieve a stable level of quality
  • Greater capacity for dialogue with manufacturers of machinery and equipment or repairing, based on knowledge obtained from the control condition
  • Better relationships with customers due to the reduction of unplanned production stoppages
  • Possibility of improving the specification and design of future installations
  • Increased machines of operators safety

We create lasting relationships of trust